We have had an extremely positive experience working with the SWCG. What stands out most, is the genuine concern for my daughter and the quick ability to address issues. As a parent, the opportunity to guide topics in advance of the session and to hear feedback promptly after the sessions (while respecting the privacy of my daughter’s discussions) has been very effective for follow-up support at home. My daughter, without hesitation, looks forward to her sessions as she knows that she will always be met with sound, relevant discussion and practical advice that she can trust.  I am grateful for the connection my daughter has made with the SWCG as it has helped her to develop life long skills of communicating openly about sensitive topics and has given her the tools to better manage the challenges of being a teenager. Thank you SWCG for providing a great service!– Parent

Emma is a breath of fresh air … just like camp! Emma presented to a jam-packed room of over 100 day camp directors and senior staff at the Annual Ontario Camps Association’s Conference. She was engaging, relevant and relatable! The feedback from her session was overwhelming super positive! Her upbeat approach along with realistic examples helped everyone in attendance walk away with a better understanding of what anxiety can look like, how those butterflies we all experience (that includes ALL of us … directors, staff, campers and even their parents) can actually be put to good use and most importantly Emma helped equip all of us in attendance with the tools to help our camp communities recognize when we should push through anxiety vs. reach out for more support.  Many of those in attendance are looking forward to Emma presenting to our front-line staff and we know our families would benefit from hearing Emma speak as well!– Sari Grossinger, Co-Owner and Director of Camp Robin Hood

The MindCALM program and professionals have radically changed my daughter’s attitude, approach to life and overall happiness. Over two years, she has changed how she looks at situations and has been given strategies to processes her thoughts in a mature, calm and rational manner. This has enabled her to think positively about everything that comes her way. Thanks to Emma Fogel and the MindCALM approach, I have a very happy teenage daughter!– Parent

Deena and Emma ran a series of MindCALM workshops with our girls in Grade 6 this year. Their work was thoughtful, timely and relevant to both students and teachers alike. They are experts in their field and extremely collaborative in meeting our students where they were at and providing content that is age appropriate and pertinent to challenges our students face daily. The information they presented and worked on with our students was sophisticated, scientific and engaging, providing many new angles and takeaway for the group. Our cohort and teaching team has been equipped with positive language around stress/anxiety that has changed the way our students deal with challenges, and we have noticed a significant change in the use of language and attitudes our students are employing as they move through their day.– Bart van Veghel & Lia MacLeod, Grade 6 teachers at The Bishop Strachan School

My third grader recently started seeing a MindCalm therapist to help with her social interactions and emotional challenges related to her ADHD. In the first session, Jayme was able to give us practical tools to help calm our daughter down faster when she has an upsetting moment. She looks forward to her sessions and we look forward to continued progress and growth!– Parent