Presentations & Educational Trainings

We offer psychoeducational, interactive and dynamic presentations and trainings to children and adults in a variety of community-based settings. Our speaking engagements help to normalize the psychoemotional experience and provide concrete strategies to help youth, parents and helping professionals feel equipped to work through daily challenges.

School Educational Presentations

  • Students
    • Psychoeducational, interactive and dynamic presentations for students ranging from grades 1-12.
    • Presentations offer evidence-based learning and promote accompanying coping strategies.
  • Parents
    • Psychoeducational presentations for parents to support management of emotional regulation, resilience training and overall well-being within the family system.

Camp Training and Presentations

  • Pre-camp/Staff training
    • Psychoeducational trainings for summer camp staff to aid in evidence-based practice in caring for children and youth with diverse psychoemotional and psychosocial needs.
  • Interactive presentations for campers
    • Psychoeducational presentations for campers that offer developmentally appropriate information with regards to the aforementioned staff training.
  • Camp consultation as needed throughout the summer
  • Preferred Vendor for the Ontario Camp Association

*Please note that our presentations can be tailored to best suit the needs of the requested environment. We are open to curating presentations that explore new and poignant topics!

Presentation and Education Topics

  • Riding the Waves of Worry: Understanding Mental Health Literacy
  • I Feel Like I’m Going to Barf! Love, My Anxiety
  • Anxiety Jeopardy
  • Wait… am I a bully? – Psychoeducation about Bullying Behaviours in Today’s World
  • Zones of Regulation and Mindfulness
  • Developing Personalized “Toolkits” to empower the initiation of coping strategies and stress management
  • Psychoeducation on brain-body connection and neurological basis behind stress & mood
  • Mental health literacy = using accurate and appropriate language when speaking about mental health
    • Recognizing cognitive distortions, negative thinking patterns and encouraging mindful accurate and age appropriate language for mood and other mental health states
  • Parental/family support and recommendations for the reduction of emotional dysregulation in youth

"1 in 5 children and youth will experience some form of mental health issue in their lifetime and 5 out of 6 will not receive the necessary treatment they need."

MindCALM Presentations and Training Rates

Half day = $500.00

Full day = $1000.00

Plus mileage when travelling outside the GTA. Overnight expenses may be included.

Should you wish for a uniquely curated presentation for your organization, please contact for more information.